This is your wedding. This is the day you should feel the most beautiful you've ever felt. You have invested hundreds and thousands of dollars in your gown, your veil, your photographer--all to make you look and feel GORGEOUS. Hiring a makeup artist is not a corner to be cut. It always surprises me when brides don't think the investment in a makeup artist is necessary. Professional makeup not only makes you feel beautiful in real life, but makes a big difference in your photos. Talented, certified makeup artists know exactly how to make you look amazing on camera. You are hiring a photographer that you love because you want to love your photos, makeup artists are just as important and should be hired for the same reason. 

self taught does not = certified

If you find yourself looking for a makeup artist--YAY! I'm so happy you are investing in yourself, and your photos. So if you're going to invest, invest wisely. Do not confuse the number of instagram followers someone has with their experience, education, and talent. Hygiene alone is HUGE! They have to know the correct way to keep things safe and clean for every client—not many Makeup YouTube tutorials include instructions on cleanup and safe practice. And of course, a certified makeup artist knows how to make you look beautiful in real life AND in photos. I have seen too many brides (and even a few commercial clients) hire 'self-taught' makeup artists who applied makeup in a way that did not translate well in photos. The poorly applied makeup can affect the way brides or models appear in photos (and real life) beyond what I can fix in photoshop. (noses highlighted incorrectly look big and blown out. Products that don't mix well together cause separation of the foundation, making pores look gaping. Non-coordinating color palates make facial features clash) Professional Makeup Artist's also have high-quality products so your look will last all day! Also. Did you know Makeup Artist School is DIFFERENT from Cosmetology school?? It’s a completely separate program! I do have to put a little disclaimer in for the self-taught people who have really figured it out— because they are out there, but be careful! It takes a LOT of time and experience for someone to develop the skills and discover the proper practices on their own. And, to that point, there are people who have been certified who are still not the best option! So just do some research before hiring the person responsible for your face on your WEDDING DAY. I have some wonderful makeup artist I highly recommend listed here.



don't take my word for it...

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ReADY TO INVEST IN YOUR WEDDING MAKEUP? Check out these amazing makeup artists, and book them for your photo sessions + wedding day!