By submitting this form you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

Completing and submitting the application does not guarantee you a spot at the workshop. Your spot is not reserved until the retainer fee has been paid in full.

Payment: Payments may be made via ACH (Bank Transfer), or mailed check (options will be presented on the invoice) There is also an option for Card payment online (directly from the invoice), however please note that if paying with a card, you will be charged an additional 2.9% + 25 cents on the transaction. Please identify which payment method you will be using on the application so you can be invoiced correctly.

All sales are final. Tickets cannot be returned for refund. In the event that you purchase a ticket to the workshop and cannot attend, you may re-sell your ticket to another potential attendee. Any person purchasing the ticket from a re-seller must agree to these terms and conditions, and the transfer must be declared via email to Summer Soelberg to make her aware of the change in attendees. Please keep Summer informed as to any situations regarding event attendance.

In the case of the ticket to this event being gifted to someone (i.e. the person purchasing the ticket is not the person who will be attending.) The person attending must fill out all pre-event material, and agree to the terms and conditions, and will ultimately be held responsible for the fulfillment of payments.

All payments are non-refundable and must be made on time to maintain a reserved seat at the event. Any attendee with past due, or unpaid balances will not be allowed to attend the event.

Directions, and instructions of where to go will be provided prior to the event. Each attendee will be responsible to get herself to and from the event. The cost of event tickets does not include travel expenses to and from the event or to locations for shoots during the event. The schedule will not be postponed due to late arrivals of attendees.

Each attendee will be required to complete a pre-workshop form no later 7 days prior to the first day of the event. This form will include questions regarding dietary restrictions, camera gear, photo experience and knowledge of software and equipment, etc. This form must be completed in order to attend the event.

Attendees are expected to be respectful of all people, places, and things throughout the workshop. Harassment, disorderly conduct, disrespectful behavior, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Summer Soelberg reserves the right to excuse any person conducting themselves in an unacceptable manor from the event without refunding payment.

Any damages to equipment, venue, props, etc. by an individual or group of attendees may result in a fine of up to the amount of the damages caused. Should any damage fees incur, attendee(s) responsible will be required to fulfill payment within 7 days of the event.

Nondisclosure agreement: All material, information, design, and curriculum that is distributed, taught, demonstrated, and discussed in verbal, written, or digital form prior to, during, and after the event, is original content and is property of Summer Soelberg (Soelberg Creative LLC) and may not be redistributed, duplicated, resold, or shared without written permission from Summer Soelberg. This includes but is not limited to hosting a workshop, or selling digital content that includes or teaches the same concepts taught at the event within 12 months of the event. Attendees may not reveal the content to other industry professionals. Legal action will be taken upon any violation of this agreement.

The ticket price is for the purchase of an exchange of knowledge from host to attendee, and not an exchange of goods. Any items digital or physical given to any attendees prior to, during, or after the event are gifts from the host to the attendees and are free of charge, not purchased by attendees or included in the cost of the ticket.

Many artists, models, people, and vendors are coming together to provide shoots, lectures, and demonstrations. Because of the many independent elements involved, event itineraries, and locations are subject to change at any time per the host’s discretion (reasons for a change in order or a cancelation of any particular part of the itinerary without advanced notice to attendees may include but are not limited to: weather, other vendors, or extenuating circumstances) It is acknowledged that changes to itinerary, including but not limited to the cancelation of any specific shoot, lecture, or demonstration, change of location, or change to meal plan will not result in refund of any amount to any attendee.

Model Release: Photos and video footage taken throughout the event may include attendee’s face, voices, and likeness. Attendee applicant hereby gives Summer Soelberg, and all other vendors and attendees the right to post and publish this content digitally or in print including but not limited to: On social media, or on websites.

In the event of emergency, extenuating circumstances, extreme illness, injury, or act of God that prevents the event from taking place entirely, a refund of all but the initial retainer payment may be made to attendees at the host’s discretion.

Individual attendees are responsible for their own physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. Host, staff, venue, and all other parties involved in the event are not liable for loss of personal items or physical injury to any attendee while traveling to and from the event or shoots or at any time during, before, or after the event. Attendee applicant hereby releases Summer Soelberg and all others involved with event from any liability regarding injury, illness, loss, or damages.

Meal(s) and snacks will be provided during the event. All efforts will be made to accommodate individual dietary needs, restrictions, and allergies, however host and all event staff (including food preparation staff) will not be held accountable or liable for any cross contamination or distribution of food that does not accommodate each individual’s dietary restrictions and needs. If any attendee has extreme or life-threatening allergic reactions to any food items they are responsible themselves to ensure they only eat food that is safe for their consumption.

All photos taken by attendees are the property of the individual who captured the photo (as per copyright law) *however* Attendees may be required to tag vendors and give credit when publishing photos on social media and/or website or in print. (Specific vendors that must be credited-if any-will be revealed to attendees at the event)

Photos from event may not be submitted for publication as a gallery

(hashtags, and reposts from feature accounts on instagram are allowable, but attendees may not send an entire gallery of any particular shoot to a publication. The right to submit any entire gallery of any shoot from this event for publication remains solely with the hostess of the event.)

By submitting the attendee application form and requesting to reserve a seat at the event, applicants + attendees acknowledge, understand, and agree to all terms and policies listed and written here.