Hey Photo People!

Hey Photo People!

I am so excited to start this blog geared towards photographer’s (and other creatives/vendors as well).

With the birth of this blog I also created another insta profile! This new profile is geared towards an audience of photographers instead of a mixed audience of people who are photographers and people who need to hire a photographer! I would love to have you follow along if you’re interested in photography, business, and social media tips!

The handle for my new account is @summersoelbergcreative

I have learned a lot from my 5 years as a professional photographer and from my schooling as well (I have my BA in photography and I have attended multiple workshops and mentored with some amazing people too!)

The thing about being a photographer is that there are lots of things that you have to just figure out as you go along. Technical knowledge is the essential foundation for your career, and knowledge from experience is the structure that you build onto that foundation. This blog will be a mix of tips for both—but will mostly be geared towards experience knowledge because that’s what’s harder to come by without making a bunch of mistakes and learning the “hard way”

These tips will go up on Tuesdays, I’ll post links on insta so watch my stories on Tuesdays to catch these posts! Feel free to comment any questions or thoughts that you would like to see addressed in future photo posts here as well.

If you’re ready to invest in your business and take your skills to the next level with a one-on-one mentor session, I’m here for you!