Valentine's Ideas For HIM

Looking for a special way to surprise your Valentine? Here are some fun Ideas to show him how much you love him!

1) Make A List of All the things you love about him!

You could write it in a card, write them on individual slips of paper and put them in a jar or box, you could write them on the mirror in the bathroom… write them on the back of a photo of the two of you… get creative!


2) Boudoir Photos

Give him the gift of YOU!! Hire a photographer to take some gorgeous photos of you in your favorite lingerie and gift the images to your lover in a photo book or a box or prints!


3) Bake some cookies, or cupcakes, or whatever treat he likes!

and put them inside a decorated Pringles can (or fill it with other treats) you could also do a cute box or plate!


4) Plan A Sexy Night In

Maybe you get some new lingerie? Maybe you make a blanket fort and watch a movie with his favorite treats! Maybe you get a bath bomb and some candles and plan a night in the tub together! Whatever you do , he will love the romantic mood and spending the evening with you!

5) Plan A Romantic Night Out

Is there a new restaurant you’ve both been dying to try? Or maybe a movie you have been wanting to see? Make the reservations, put on some lipstick and hit the town with your favorite person!

6) Get a Box of cheesy Valentines

(like the ones you passed out in grade school) and Put them up all around his room/house. Don’t forget to personalize them with messages from you!

7) Make him his favorite meal

My mom had the tradition of the Valentines “Red and White” dinner. We have it the Sunday before Valentines day every year (Since Valentines day was almost always on a school night, and my parents wanted to have a date night but didn’t want us to get left out of celebrating) I have continued that tradition by doing my own red and white dinner for my husband each year— It just so happens his favorite food is Lobster and Crab which goes perfectly with the theme! I usually do white rice, or mashed potatoes! Even if you don’t keep it to red and white themed foods- cooking him his favorite meal is a serious labor of love!

8) Sign up for a couple’s cooking class like this one at Harmons

Chances are you haven’t done a cooking class before, and experiencing new things with each other brings a couple closer together! You’ll both leave full of delicious food and good memories!


One of my most favorite valentines days with my sweetheart we both had almost the same idea for each other! We made each other books! I made him a photo book with pictures of us on Chatbooks, and he made me a “love book” which is a company that helps you write + illustrate your love story!! It was the sweetest surprise, and no matter what kind of book you make for him, he’ll love having a hard copy of your own personal love story!


10) Book a Spontaneous Getaway!

You can do a staycation at a local bed and breakfast, hop on Airbnb and find a cozy place, or go all out with some plane tickets and an exciting destination! No matter where you go, you’ll love being together somewhere special! Check out these adorable places to plan your stay!

The Alaskan Inn (Ogden, Utah)

The Grande America (Salt Lake City Utah)

Treehouse Point (Issaquah Washington)

Scottsdale Plaza Resort (Scottsdale, Arizona)

The Brexly (Scotsdale, Arizona)

What are your valentine’s day plans?! I hope this gave you some ideas of how to celebrate with your love! Feel free to leave more ideas or suggestions in the comments!