Boudoir sessions may seem intimidating, or ambiguous, but the truth is—they are so much fun!!

I have been shooting boudoir for my brides, as well as for women who aren’t my brides for years. Every woman comes into the shoot feeling a little unsure, and by the end—she’s feeling confident and amazing! I LOVE IT!!


Here’s what you need to know about boudoir:

  • The whole session is about YOU. It’s about capturing every beautiful part of you and it’s not scary at all! There is definitely a stigma about boudoir sessions being *scandalous* but the reality is they are only as scandalous as you want them to be— and most photographers (myself included) won’t photograph any part of you that wouldn’t be seen in a bikini!

  • What will you be wearing? That’s totally up to you! pick out your favorite lingerie, bring a silky robe, add your wedding veil and some heels—wear what makes you feel beautiful! You can pick lingerie that is as full coverage or as sheer as you like! You can even spend the whole shoot in his t-shirt or button down if you want!

  • These sessions are a HUGE confidence booster. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to accept and love your body exactly the way it is!

  • No one has to see them unless you want them to. Even though you probably aren’t showing much more skin than you would at the beach, you can keep the photos between you and your significant other if you want! Taking boudoir photos doesn’t mean that every person in the world is going to see you in your panties!

  • You should be careful about the photographer you book for your boudoir photos. Most people are good—but some people are dangerous. Since you will most likely be going to the shoot on your own, do your research to make sure your photographer is credible. Look at their instagram, and their website, ask them as many questions as you want before you book. And if at all possible (especially if the photographer is a complete stranger) share your location with a friend before going! (These safety precautions are good to use in any type of photoshoot—but since many other photo sessions include you+ your fiancee, you+ your family…etc. the risk is much lower. JUST BE SMART AND BE SAFE.

  • You also want to choose carefully because not all photographers are good at shooting people in a flattering way. Posing, camera angles, framing, and editing are all major factors and skills that vary between photographers. Look through their portfolio before booking- even if the photos aren’t necessarily boudoir, you can get a feel for if the subjects look awkward and uncomfortable or if they look natural and attractive.

  • Boudoir photos are an heirloom keepsake gift that you and your love with cherish forever! Make them into a beautiful book, or print them and store them in a special box! For a less discreet option make them into a sexy calendar! Nothing like gorgeous photos of his girl to make him excited for the days ahead!

  • These photos are your decision! You don’t have to do them if you don’t want to and of course if you do want to- don’t let anyone stop you!! You’d be surprised at how many brides reach out to me wanting to book boudoir, and then their mom, sister, or friend discourages them! There is nothing shameful, or dirty or inappropriate about boudoir! It’s fun, it’s pretty, it can be well-done and classy, and your love will love them!

I hope this article was helpful feel free to comment any insights or thoughts below!