The Temple-Bride Timeline

If you are a Temple bride,

This is for you!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked about the timeline for Temple Weddings, It can be tricky to plan out luncheons and receptions after the ceremony if you don’t know how long everything takes at the temple!



Something you may not be thinking of when you reserve your sealing time is that you have to be to the temple with your groom 90 minutes PRIOR to your sealing time. This means that for you to have your hair and makeup done you’re going to have to get an early start! You’ll want to plan about 1.5 - 2 hours before you need to leave to start your hair and makeup if you’re having it done professionally. (i.e. if you have a 10 am sealing time, and you have to be there at 8:30 am, and you have to leave at 8:00 am, that’s starting hair at about 6:00 am)

** I recommend having your hair done first so your makeup is as fresh as possible 3 hours later when you exit the temple and start taking photos. If you’re looking for a makeup artist, check out some of my favorites listed HERE


Your Exit:

Generally about 1 hour from the start time of your sealing, you will be ready to exit the temple greet your friends and family. Sometimes at busier temples (i.e. Salt lake) It can be a bit longer, or at less busy temples, a bit shorter but on average, I see my brides come out 1 hour from the start of their sealing time.

** Be sure to communicate your sealing time to your vendors so they can advise you on what time to have them show up, for me, I encourage my brides to have me come 30 minutes past their sealing start time to ensure I’m there no matter how fast they are ready to go. DO NOT EXIT IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER (and videographer) If you tell them a time to come and end up being ready earlier, JUST WAIT so they are there to capture your exit.

** If you have any friends or family who won’t be attending the sealing but will be there to support and congratulate you at the temple after the sealing, tell them to come about 30 minutes after the sealing starts as well.


As you exit your family and friends will be anxious to see you, congratulate you, and hug you! Most couples get through this in about 10 minutes, and then they’re ready to move on to group shots.


Group Photos:

Group photos have several varying factors. The size of your group, how busy the temple is that day (i.e. if you have to wait in line while another bride’s group is being photographed before you are able to use the spot you want to shoot in), how experienced your photographer is (someone with experience will be able to get them done quicker), and how well your friends and family do at listening and following instructions, and the amount of special requests or interruptions by family members, or even the videographer! ALL THAT BEING SAID. Group photos are usually 30-45 minutes.

Portraits of the Bride and Groom:

Most photographers will take the couple around the building and the grounds for a short portrait shoot of the newly-weds, usually lasting 15-30 minutes.


Remember as you’re planning events following the temple, that after all the photos are done, the bride and groom will have to return to the temple to change and retrieve their personal items, and then of course drive to wherever the next location is.

Here’s a quick visual

of the average Temple Wedding Time Line. Of course, As I mentioned in the previous text things can be a bit faster or a bit slower depending on the group, the crowds, the brides, the vendors, etc. but this is a pretty solid average for most temple brides.

(You can save this image to your phone for easy reference as you are planning!)


I hope this is helpful to all you temple brides planning for your day! If you’re looking for a Wedding Photographer, Lets get in touch!