10 creative exits!

The exit down the aisle after your ceremony, or at the end of the reception on your way to the getaway car is so much fun for Bride + Groom and the guests too! If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your exit a memorable one, here are some of my favorites


Always a classic, this is one of my personal favorites for photographing—brides beware, you will have rice stuck in your hair and down your gown!


A new twist on an old classic, Sprinkles look basically the same as rice, but with the introduction of some COLOR! I would suggest the bright multi colored ones for this option!


I love confetti! Make it colorful for a fun, bold accent or keep it silver, gold, or white for a cleaner and more modern look. You can let your guests grab hand-fulls to toss, or go all out with some confetti poppers or even confetti canons!

4-rose petals

Possibly the most romantic option, and another favorite of mine. Get the petals ready for guests by filling paper cones, cups, or envelopes with them and passing them out prior to the exit. No complaints about rose petals getting everywhere, these are an amazing option for a beautiful exit.


Lavender smells amazing, looks amazing, and floats through the air softer than rice and sprinkles, since the individual granules are a bit lighter than those other options. It will require some “picking out of your dress” if you have anything that attracts clingy things like tulle or lace.


Probably the most popular option right now, and for good reason!
Sparklers are amazing! They light up a dark exit with a beautiful glow and create such gorgeous photos! *Be sure to splurge and get the BIG sparklers that burn for a few minutes instead of a few seconds, It will make your life, your photographer’s life, and your guests life MUCH EASIER during the last few moments of you big day!


Bubbles are a fun “no-mess” option. Nothing left on the ground to be swept away or clinging to your gown to be picked out later. Bubbles photograph well at any time of day, with a flash or without! This light-hearted choice is great for brides who will have lots of kids in attendance!

8- Smoke bombs

This option could get a bit pricey— there are cheap smoke bombs that actually work pretty well, but they are meant to be on the ground, not held in hands. The “hand grenade” smoke bombs put out MUCH more smoke than the cheaper counterpart, and are also safe to hold. If you go this route, I would consider just handing out a few, (like probably ten or less) and let all non-smoke-grenade-holding guests just clap and cheer as you walk their way.

9- silly string

This is definitely a more playful option. Guests will love a chance to blast you (and each other) with this colorful concoction— don’t forget to grab one for yourself to get your groom covered in silly string before you take your leave!

10- glitter

This one is a bit controversial… because glitter is more or less impossible to clean up. You and your groom and all of your guests will be shimmering and sparkling for days following the wedding. That being said, glitter in the air is pretty magical.


I hope this was helpful! These are all amazing finales for your wedding day— and if you’re feeling really creative, you can even combine a couple. You could do two different options, one for the end of the night and one for after the ceremony, or you could even do two at once! Try throwing a combination of rose petals + rice for a really unique and dynamic look, or combine confetti with smoke grenades to get everyone involved and add a little more excitement to your exit!!

If there’s any amazing exit ideas I missed, feel free to share them here in the comments! xoxo


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