The Best Way to Write "Thank You" Cards After Your Wedding

Writing Thank You cards to all of the people who supported you on your wedding day can be overwhelming! But don’t worry! There’s a fun way to get them done FAST!

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I love this tradition because after the honeymoon and the wedding, its a pretty abrupt transition to real life from all the celebrating, preparation and excitement. This little gathering is not only productive, it also gives you one last hoorah before you preserve your gown and go back to the daily grind of non-bride life.

It’s called….




whatever you want to call it… just remember — ITS A PARTY.

and here’s how the party works:

After your honeymoon you will come home to a whole bunch of presents waiting to be opened, and a whole lot of Thank you cards that need to be written. What better way to end the wedding festivities than getting together with your loved ones and opening the gifts together.

You can invite people to your place, or have your parents take the gifts to their home after the wedding and then open them there.

Depending on how many days you’re gone on your honeymoon, there may be leftover wedding food or cake that can be pulled out to eat while you open your gifts with your family and friends.

Now here’s the most important part.

As you’re opening gifts, your family can help you write the thank you cards. You can even make an assembly line, some people helping you write, some people looking up addresses and adding stamps, whatever works for you and your team! At the end of the night you’ll have enjoyed one last closing celebration and your thank you notes will be ready to drop into the mailbox!

Make it as small or big as you want! It can be just your family, or your family and his family, or your parents and his parents, or you can open it up and include grandparents, bridesmaids, and groomsman! Whatever you do just make it a fun time for everyone. Have good snacks, and good people and enjoy your last event as the bride and groom.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any other Wedding traditions or tips

feel free to share them in the comments!