Another Way to Remember Your Day

The Photographer + Videographer are essential vendors in the wedding day plans and wedding day events, but they are not the only way to remember your day.

This day will contain the most special moments of your life and you want to remember every perfect detail! Making an investment in your Photo + Video people will be well worth it, as you look back on your photos for years to come. Keep Reading to discover another amazing way to remember your day!

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You probably already considered the photos as an essential part of remembering your Wedding (and they definitely are), but did you know that scent is also a powerful memory inducer?

”Our sense of smell is closely related to our emotions and memory. The olfactory bulb is intimately connected to our limbic system, which is the part of our brain that processes emotions and associative learning.

This connection is strengthened through conditioned responses - the first time you smell a new scent, you associate it with your surroundings. The experience, people, music or atmosphere are attached to that scent from then on”.

- The Science Of Scent

This concept was so fascinating to me, that I thought perfume would be the most sentimental gift from a groom to his bride, from a maid of honor to her best friend, from a mother to her daughter on her wedding day— or even from a bride to herself! The key is that the scent has to be new for it to be associated with your wedding day. If you wear your favorite perfume that you’ve worn every day it won’t have the same effect as a new scent will while you’re taking in all the new and lasting memories on your wedding day. Pick out a new scent that you love to share with the bride to be. Some of my personal favorites are Jo Malone (can be found in Nordstrom, and online) And of course, the scent that showed me how personal and lasting the perfume you wear on your wedding day can be, I have linked The Wedding Perfume here if you are interested in purchasing a bottle for the bride in your life.



Photos by: Summer Soelberg | MUA: Sarah Cox | Robe, Bralette, Gown, Veil: Chantel Lauren Designs | Panties: H&M